Kinesio Taping

Discover my Kinesio-Taping method in the Alpes-Maritimes


K-Tape is a therapeutic method helping various intense physical activities, supporting muscles and ligaments!

This technique consists in sticking adhesive elastic tape on your skin to act on different soft tissues and physiological systems.

Why use Kinesio-Tape?

K-taping is mainly used to help with 2 types of pain:

  • The repetition of our bad habits, posture becomes too important for your brain to ignore, a small dull ache is progressively worsening until you change that habit and move to a more comfortable position! Most people waking up with a stiff neck for example, had warning signs for weeks, sometimes months before the onset of pain. With a bad night sleeping on top of this, your body says enough and causes pain to help you pay more attention to the affected area! Muscles will contract to protect it and prevent more harmful movements.


  • A sharp pain following physical activity. Again this rarely happens the first time you do a bad movement. "I was moving out, carrying boxes and the 86th box on the floor (25kg) killed my back!". In this example, your body let you free 85 times, but as many people lifting weights at the gym will tell you, muscles get tired! They can't carry any more weight and let your back joints lift more for you! your back will spasm up to protect you and not let you do any more damage


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What do Osteopaths do?

An Osteopath is a movement specialist:
We are trained to seek what is not moving as it should,
and encourage it to move better again!

L'ostéopathie est une médecine douce qui utilise beaucoup de techniques différentes
afin de traiter une multitude de conditions physiques
Massage sportif
Réparation et récupération physique
Soulagement de troubles corporelles
Acupuncture médicale
Pose d'aiguilles intra musculaires
Kinésio Taping
Soutien ligamentaire et musculaire

Charles Pradeau –
Osteopath: one word about me!

As a true sports fan, I developed a passion for various sports such as tennis, football, mechanical sports, ski and judo.

During my practice, I came across many injuries and experienced the distress patients feel when in pain... From the hours spent at hospital waiting for an x-ray to the often completely inefficient anti-inflammatories. A friend advised me to see my first Osteopath at 16, which was a revelation. why not becoming a medical professional, who spends time with his patients and puts his hands on the problem?

I then decided to go to England to become an Osteopath in the eldest school in Europe: The British School of Osteopathy. After treating more than 500 patients as a student, from toddlers to elderly, professional sports people to more sedentary desk bound workers, I became an osteopath and met Princess Ann! 

After 3 years as an English osteopath near Monaco in the Côte d'Azur, I decided to open my own clinic to provide the best treatment possible to both French and non-French speaking people.


The Clinic

The Osteopathic Clinic is ideally located in Beausoleil, only 50 meters away from Monaco. It is facing the bus stop "Marché Beausoleil" and is  surrounded by 3  car parks less than 5 walking minutes away: Libération, Saint-Laurent, Saint-Charles.

If you would like some more information, please do not hesitate to contact your English Osteopath near Monaco !


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